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Located in Umatilla, Oregon on the Columbia River and surrounded by agri-business such as vineyards, forestry, food processing and other agricultural-related industries, Selectric was started in 1972 as a natural out-growth of this environment.

The staff at Selectric is familiar with all phases of pumping plant operations; simple single direct on-line starters, solid state soft-start, and variable frequency drives. In addition, Selectric’s staff builds controls for multi-pump pressure booster/load sharing applications as well as industrial controls for both light and heavy duty. Selectric’s technicians work with systems from simple relay logic panels to complex computer controlled food processing and industrial line controls. The staff’s experience also includes controls for all pumping applications including submersibles of all voltages and horsepowers.

New Utility Transformers allow higher available Fault Currents. When advised, we can provide controls with proper interrupting ratings. Short Circuits may cause welding, which is not considered a failure of the Contactor. (see UL508, Para 53)

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