Simplex Control Panels

A simplex level control panel is the right choice for non-critical level control where a single pump or motor is utilized to drain or fill a process. In a “two float” configuration, the motor starts when one remote contact, a float switch for example, closes and the motor stops when the other remote contact opens. A “three float” configuration provides the same operating sequence, but a third remote contact is used as a high level or a low level alarm.

New Utility Transformers allow higher available Fault Currents. When advised, we can provide controls with proper interrupting ratings. Short Circuits may cause welding, which is not considered a failure of the Contactor. (see UL508, Para 53)

Simplex control panels include:

  • NEMA 3R Enclosure;
  • Main Circuit breaker (no external handle);
  • Magnetic Contactor;
  • Adjustable thermal overload relay;
  • Reset pushbutton;
  • 120 VAC control power;
  • Fused control circuit;
  • Hand-Off-Auto selector switch;
  • Terminal block for connection to float switches.

Note: We do not include starting capacitors as standard equipment.

  230V 1-Phase 230V 3-Phase 460V 3-Phase
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1 SX21/001 1049        
2 SX21/002 1049 SX23/002 1163    
3 SX21/003 1049 SX23/003 1163    
5 SX21/005 1149 SX23/005 1163 SX43/005 1365
7.5 SX21/007 1165 SX23/007 1177 SX43/007 1365
10 SX21/010 1375 SX23/010 1263 SX43/010 1365
15     SX23/015 1280 SX43/015 1379
20     SX23/020 1464 SX43/020 1465
30         SX43/030 1540
40         SX43/040 1664
50         SX43/050 1709
Over 50         Call for Quote

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