Partwinding Panels (Fusible Type)

Partwinding panels are used with specially designed motors. These panels are complete motor control packages used in applications requiring a disconnecting means, starting circuitry, and motor overload protection. Please consult factory for submersible applications.

New Utility Transformers allow higher available Fault Currents. When advised, we can provide controls with proper interrupting ratings. Short Circuits may cause welding, which is not considered a failure of the Contactor. (see UL508, Para 53)

Partwinding panels include:

  • NEMA 3R Enclosure;
  • Main fusible disconnect* with lockable handle;
  • 2 Magnetic Contactors;
  • Transition timer;
  • Adjustable thermal overload protection;
  • Reset pushbuttons;
  • Fused control circuit;
  • Hand-Off-Auto selector switch with pushbutton (Start & Bypass);
  • Terminal block for remote device.

* Fuses included.

ATTENTION: Partwind panels are used with specially designed motors. Please be sure your motor is suitable for partwind starting.

  230V 3Ø 460V 3Ø
HP Catalog # List Catalog # List
10 FW23/010 1913    
15 FW23/015 2006    
20 FW23/020 2473    
25 FW23/025 2495 FW43/025 1949
30 FW23/030 2619 FW43/030 2100
40 FW23/040 3868 FW43/040 2512
50 FW23/050 4303 FW43/050 2512
60 Call for Quote   FW43/060 2927
75     FW43/075 3745
100     FW43/100 3941
125     FW43/125 5579
150     FW43/150 7159
200     FW43/200 9411
Over 200     Call for Quote

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