Pivot Disconnect Panel

Pivot Disconnect Panel

Center pivot disconnects are used to control the operation of a center pivot sprinkler system from a location on the field’s edge. This configuration allows the irrigator to control the pivot without having to make a trip to the center of the field.

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Simplex Control Panels

A simplex level control panel is the right choice for non-critical level control where a single pump or motor is utilized to drain or fill a process. In a “two float” configuration, the motor starts when one remote contact, a float switch for example, closes and the motor stops when the other remote contact opens. A “three float” configuration provides the same operating sequence, but a third remote contact is used as a high level or a low level alarm.

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Outside of Duplex Control Panel

Duplex Control Panels

In a duplex control panel, two motors are used to drain or fill the process adding a level of reliability and easier maintenance. Duplex panels can be configured in a two, three or four “float” configuration. With two remote contacts (floats), only one motor runs at any given time (there is no “lag” operation). With three remote contacts, the motors are operated in a lead-lag mode. With four remote contacts, the motors are in lead-lag mode with an alarm output.

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Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Capacitors are sized in accordance with industry standards but are listed in horsepower for ease of selection. Units will correct standard 3-Phase 3600 RPM and 1800 RPM motors to approximately 95% power factor. To correct to approximately 97% power factor, use the next sized larger unit. For 1200 RPM motors, use the next larger panel size. These and all Selectric products should only be installed by qualified personnel in accordance with applicable electrical codes.

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